We are Dedicated to Patients Suffering from Difficult to Treat Chronic Cough

Are you suffering from or caring for someone with chronic cough?

At Trevi, we understand the impact that cough can have on both patients and families and we are dedicated to continuing our research for the investigational therapy  Haduvio™ (nalbuphine ER) as an oral treatment for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) patients with chronic cough and refractory chronic cough (RCC).

With its ability to work both centrally and peripherally in the body, we believe that Haduvio has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life of patients experiencing chronic cough.

“Laughing, that’s a very serious thing, because if you have two boys who are very funny, you can’t laugh, because then you start to cough, so they don’t tell jokes anymore.”

– US IPF Patient

Voice of the Patient Report: “Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis”, March 2015.

Clinical Trials

Our team is actively working to advance our research of Haduvio in chronic cough conditions. A clinical trial is medical research to learn more about how a potential new medication or an existing medication works. The research helps to answer important questions on its effectiveness and its safety.

All medications must be tested in research studies before patients can receive the medication from their doctor. Strict rules and regulations ensure that clinical research studies are closely watched and that all study participants are treated ethically and fairly.

Is expanded access available?

Randomized trials to assess the safety and efficacy of nalbuphine ER are ongoing.  The goal of these studies is to understand the potential benefits, risks, and appropriate use(s) of nalbuphine ER.   In order to participate, patients entering the clinical trials are required to meet specific criteria in order to protect their safety as well as the integrity of the trial. At this stage of development, Trevi considers that our current clinical trials provide the most appropriate path for patients to access nalbuphine ER, the investigational medicine that we are developing.  As such, expanded access outside of the ongoing clinical trials is not currently available.

Note: Haduvio is an investigational therapy and not yet approved for use in any indication.